Monday, November 13, 2006

Bad girls!

Yes, yes, stealing is a bad thing to do. But for some reason, I can only shake my head and laugh at this
all-girl gang of teenagers who call themselves the 'spider-girls' in Chile, who are 'infamous for climbing up buildings in Santiago to burgle luxury apartments'.

And what's more -
Despite both being heavily pregnant, they still managed to climb up to the third floor of some flats.'

What I am not so pleased about is that those who affected - probably the legit occupants of those luxury apartments whose jewelry and clothes these girls stole - want these girls to go to jail. Not to reform centres, not under juvenile justice laws, where some of these girls have already been before.

"Many Chileans have been angered by the girls' antics, saying the law is too soft and needs to be changed so under 18- year-olds get tougher punishments and do not think they are above the law."

Well, they aren't. But why does the idea of stringent punishments for teenaged daredevilry (for admittedly grubby motives) make me so uncomfortable?


Anonymous said...

reminds me of school. our school girls were NOTORIOUS for shoplifting.
btw, the initial section of Class as a function of fear should be a poem. it says so much!

Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing.


Annie Zaidi said...

:) isn't it?

Anonymous said...

1. I wonder whether the tag 'luxury' apartment has anything to do with our idea of head-shakes and laughter.

Maybe robbing some poor householder of her bread would have us in a different mood.

2. If they had already been to reform centres and were back to burglary, I'd say the reforms dont appear to have worked.

3. Standard gender swap test I do required me to shake my head and laugh at teenage boys getting up to the same antics, regretfully I couldnt.

4. Am not too sure risking the life of the unborn baby with high-rise climbs and burglary is a laughable matter. Somehow I see this as a separate issue from abortion which I support. Unable to justify this purely rationally.

5. For that matter lets say a fall resulted in one of the girls ending up crippled for life. Puts a different spin on this again.

6. Imagine they surprised an occupant and in the ensuing tussle injured/ killed her- nothing deliberate, possibly just a push in their desperation to escape. Not laughing any more.

Ok enough, running wild here!


Anonymous said...

According to you female criminals must never be punished. You want only males (criminals or innocents) to get punished.

Crime is Crime irrespective of gender, caste, creed or religion.

Just wait, you will find Indian women getting jailed for driving husbands to suicide. Now, these 20,000 female criminals are going scot free.

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