Monday, November 06, 2006

Priyanka will not be avenged

I should have written about Kherlanji earlier, perhaps. Except that I did not know what to say.

When Shivam first sent me the link to the story, it took four attempts to read it through to the end. With each reading, I'd be overwhelmed by a wave - something between frustration, nausea, panic - rising up in revolt.

I did not want to read the story. I did not want to confront the fact that it was true, and that this was what the world like. That the perpetrators were ordinary villagers - like the ones I meet when I travel. Ordinary young and old men with complaints about electricity, the lack of health services and joblessness. That it is not one or two or three or four but nearly a whole village.

I still don't know what to say.

Except that Priyanka will not be avenged even if the whole village hangs. Priyanka will not be avenged as long as you have even one square inch on earth where a woman is held as the repository of male honour.


One in the crowd said...

Why is everything going unnoticed? Where are the bloody human rights activists? Even on Shivam Vij's blog, more people were interested in whether the pictures should have been retained or removed. They talk about 'dignity in death'. How ironic for someone whose every shred of dignity was torn apart by savages in public view. How cowardly of us to demand that we should be shown only what is convenient to our eyes. We don't mind reading it but can't see the picture. Why? Because that pinches us. That doesn't allow us to forget.

It's all so sick.

Annie Zaidi said...

beddy blogger: yes, it is.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Priyanka and her other family members would not be avenged even if the whole village is hanged, including the derelict police personnel. Why do ordinary people, the ones we meet with "complaints about ...", sometimes turn into monsters?

Anonymous said...

I have no quarrel with readers of this blog who may have obtained some relief imagining an entire village strung up as punishment.

I found a different take on it extremely moving and think you may like it. Do read it. Its at:


barbarindian said...

By the way, the perpetrators were OBCs, a crucial fact you are omitting here.

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