Saturday, August 26, 2017

A new digital anthology

I have put together a new digital anthology: a set of 11 essays about famous Indian ladies (who also happen to be married to famous Indian gents). You are can buy it for just 80 Indian rupees via the Juggernaut app. There will be no print edition for this, so go ahead and start reading at once.

Here's a little preview with my introduction to the collection that offers some context to the book:

And here is a brief extract from one of the essays, about the unparalleled Asha Bhonsle: 

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Saadat Swift said...

Reading your introduction, I was struck by the fact that a lot of the stories have an undertone of individual compatibility. That is something which is quite absent from a lot of academ'ish' writing on the subject, except for themes that come out in classical/contemporary literature. But, even there you get a sense that the engagement between two individuals is molded and guided from where they come from, what brought them together. It isn't about the crude distinction between an 'arranged' or a 'love' marriage, more so about these intersecting worlds that somehow manage to not only survive together, but, flourish (within standards we all accept and operate within).

I would be interested in knowing of similar cases across the world. Frida and Rivera, maybe (although I don't know if they were married- ah well, I could get a 'wikipedia' article on that!). I guess I'll get hold of the essays, soon. But, i'm curious to hear of Asha Bhosle, as her 'equal halve' plied a similar, allied trade.

To think of these moments of mysterious companionship, in art (used broadly), and in fame, makes me wonder whether we can find trajectories that can be replicated, or whether we stand awestruck at just the 'beginning'.

Thank you for this curious book. I look forward to reading it.

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